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At 235 Insurance, we will show you your competitive options within the health insurance marketplace.   There are more than 4000 employer health plans currently offered in Illinois, and yet we believe we can help you select the plan that is best for you, your family, and/or your company.


What many health insurance consumers do not know is that all health insurance plans in Illinois are delivered at par, meaning there is no negotiation on the price from broker to broker.    We understand this “dilemma” – our service must be better than the competition's, or you will take your business elsewhere.   Delivering knowledgeable and timely service drives the customer service commitment at our agency.  


To service our health care plans, we’ve partnered with an experienced third party plan service provider who helps us expedite plan services, present multiple plan options, and hold our carriers accountable.   The valuable services of our third party service provider are delivered at no additional cost to our customers.  


Still have questions?   We imagine you might. Please contact us to learn more. We will help you “navigate” the complicated health insurance market, learn about your plan needs, and provide a simplified set of solutions. Your health care choice is important – we will not let you down.




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