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235 Insurance works with international and non-regional investors needing insurance in Chicagoland and elsewhere.  


Chicago is a world class city with attractive opportunities for new businesses and investors. In concert with real estate brokers and teams of other professional service providers, we work frequently with nonlocal owners of income driven and capital appreciation oriented investments in the Chicago area.  


Our ability to deliver timely and localized expertise concerning insurance for Chicagoland real estate, makes us especially well-suited to broker your insurance need here.  We worked with more than a dozen new foreign investors just this past year!


Keep reading for case examples to see how we have helped nonlocal investors obtain or manage insurance in the recent past.

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Why 235 Insurance?

We have helped persons from around the world acquire insurance for local Chicago investments and businesses.

We work alongside realtors and property managers, and have an experienced team of general contractors, appraisers, attorneys, and many other professional relationships at the ready to help solve all matters of your nonlocal business insurance need.


We speak two additional languages  (Spanish and Dutch), and hope to add more in the future when expanding our team of brokers.

Our company name and tagline developed from our "Think Global" approach. The name of 235 Insurance is a "spin off" of the Earth's rotational axis, which tilts at a 23.5 degrees angle.  

Nonlocal Investor: Case Examples

A foreign investor experienced first a liability loss, and second a major fire loss in quick succession.   We quickly got to know their property manager to better assist in the claims process, and introduced our insured to a trusted public adjuster to negotiate their claim. At renewal, we managed their price adjustment, and kept the asset insured.

A group of Canadian investors purchased a 5 story, 65 unit building in the South Shore community of Chicago.   In addition to competing for the bid, we educated these first time investors about insurance.  They were relieved when our bid was strongest, because they wanted to work with us after we proved so helpful during the application process.

A foreign investor began aggressively targeting multiple properties in the Chicagoland area.  After an introduction from his commercial realtor, we wrote not only their new purchase policies, but also rewrote his prior policies after pointing out  pitfalls in his coverage to where a bad loss would have damaged his entire business.   We currently manage this portfolio of multiple locations, and now work with several other clients referred from his network.

A meticulous investor from Los Angeles contacted us through referral for his first Chicago area investment property.   Despite our assurances we could offer a very strong package and highly competent  service, the prospect shopped us against half a dozen other brokers.  We asked for introduction to his FNMA lender eary on in the process in order to make sure the insurance we quoted met their stringent guidelines.  We won the account.  

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